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Welcome to the eoVox home page.


Latest News:


-         The eoVox Industry Consultation Workshop was held on Thursday 14 September 2006 at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. Click here for a summary of the event and access to the presentations.


-         A number of eoVox reports have been published for “open review” by the industry – your feedback, views and comments are invited and encouraged - click here to download your copies of the reports.


About eoVox:


The European Space Agency (ESA) has initiated the eoVox activity to explore issues that affect the Earth Observation (EO) service industry sector in Europe and Canada.


eoVox is an opportunity for all companies to voice their viewpoint on the future of the European and Canadian EO service industry. The results will be looked at carefully by ESA in planning for the period 2008-13 to make sure that the needs of the industry are supported at the right scale, with the right mechanisms and of adequate duration. Please see our project announcement for further details.


This web site provides further information about the project and the people involved in it, and how to contact us. This site will also be used to publish the results of the study and the recommendations made. All reports produced by the eoVox study are required to undergo an “open review” process, where anyone associated with the EO service industry in Europe and Canada is invited to review and comment upon the findings in the reports. All feedback received through this process will be carefully recorded and analysed, and the results will be used to inform the further stages of the study.


A key part of the open review process is the industry consultation workshop that was held on the 14 September 2006 at ESRIN.  All stakeholders in the European and Canadian EO service industry were encouraged to attend this event and make their views known.


Please contact us if you have a general enquiry about the study, or if you would like to participate in the study by contributing your views and feedback.